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Emilio Melgarejo Kalinin





Translation and Interpretation

(Russian – Spanish / Spanish – Russian)


You can use the following services of professional Translation & Interpretation


*    Translation: (Technical translation / Belles-lettres translation / Mail / Business correspondence)

*   I have an equal command of the Russian and the Spanish languages (I am bilingual)

*    Web sites / software / games localization

*   All the orders are performed by me, personally

*    Bilateral interpretation / guide and showing around service (Malaga, Granada)

*   I have the university-level linguistic education

*    Translation / Interpretation and dubbing of audio-video files

*   My professional experience is more, than 13 years

*    Correspondence and negotiations management in the Russian and the Spanish languages (Conferences – telephone / skype)

*   I perform orders on weekdays, days off and holidays

*    Consulting and assistance for students of language faculties

*   My performance is qualitative and profound; my aim is to surpass my clients’ expectations.

Technical Translation

Consulting and Assistance for Students of Language Faculties

The translation of your technical texts will be done according to the strict principle of the unique terminology and structure of the document, observance. The document will be as much approximated to the original, as possible.

If you are a student and the fulfilment of some tasks, in the Spanish or the Russian languages, present difficulties for you, consult me, and I will help you – by all means!

Belles-lettres Translation

Translation / Interpretation and Dubbing of  Audio/Video files

If you need a qualitative and fine belles-lettres translation, I will perform it for you, with pleasure, observing the style. The translation will transmit the whole atmosphere and all the impressions of the original text. I will show you the life, which reigns in the book, expressing the events and feelings in your own language :)

I will perform translation / interpretation of audio and video files, for you. According to your wish, it will be a written o/and an oral text, which will be recorded in the digital format, o will be dubbed synchronically with the original.

Mail / Business Correspondence / Negotiations

Web sites / Software / Games localization

If you or your company cooperate or are going to cooperate with foreign partners, I might hold your business correspondence and phone talks in the Spanish and the Russian languages. Maintaining correspondence, your partner will be treated with all respect and will be written to, in the habitual for his/her understanding, native language – from a native sender. As to oral communication, I guarantee, as well, the highly respectful treatment, and – without any foreign accent.

If you like to localize your site, an application or a game into the Spanish or the Russian languages - you are welcome to contact me! You will receive a qualified localization from the native speaker. The final user will enjoy the file, the application or the game in his/her native language, and just in the form and style, he/she is accustomed to, in his/her native country.


Procedure of Order Execution and Price Calculation

*     You communicate with me, using any of the, mentioned before, ways.

*     We discuss the volumes and dates of the order execution.

*     We agree upon the ways and dates of the remuneration.

*     You deposit the prepayment from 0 % till 100% of the sum agreed.

*     I set to work.

*     I hand the work done in, and we realize the final calculation.

*     Prices are formed, with the accounting of the primary number of signs with spaces, which exists in the textual document.

*     Signs are counted at the output, in case of graphic files, images, pictures translation.

*     Prices for services can change, depending on the theme of translation, date of its fulfilment and the structure of the document.

*     Translation prices are calculated, according to the principle of individual treatment.

*     You can consult me or receive any other information, you are interested in, communicating with me, using the, below mentioned, contact data.

*With Translation Bureaus – I Work Without Prepayment*




Contact data

Telephone Europe

+34 687090349

Telephone Russia

+7 9090604494






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